Cultural and Social Activities / Daily Life

Awaas believes that elderly people deserve to be happy, relaxed, active and social. We provide a friendly environment that promotes good health, mental stimulation, physiotherapy exercises, and access to physicians.

Awaas caringly creates an environment that encourages seniors to experience things that have become an integral part of their lives, and sometimes enjoy moments they may have missed out in their busy lives fulfilling earlier responsibilities. Now they will have time to make new friends, meet like-minded people, strengthen cultural bonds, celebrate festivals and create memorable moments and enjoy life to the fullest.

Awaas has a blog, and all residents are invited to contribute to it with articles, jokes and news. There is a section which publishes stories that have been written by the residents.

Festivals, birthdays and special occasions are celebrated. The regular art class provides stimulation as well as relaxation, calming the mind and alleviating pain as the residents concentrate on their artwork. A smart TV in the lounge enables all to keep up with the latest news and programmes. There are daily newspapers.

Awaas has a visiting doctor who comes each week. There is also a doctor on call for emergency services. Awaas has a live-in Manager enabling all emergencies to be managed around the clock. He can arrange appointment and medicine collection if necessary.